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Details And Special Offers

1. Individual lessons or groups of two

Depending on talent and motivation of your child or in addition to its solo play tt will have the opportunity to participate in chamber music, ensembles and concerts, as well as in various competitions.

2. No contract - no risk

I do not do make any contract. You can always start or stop without  paying until the next termination date. In addition, you only pay for your lessons you really received, not for vacation. The fee depends on individual or group lessons.

3. I teach your child with love and consistently, in a conventional and unconventional way, without methodological restriction, in a warm and motivating atmosphere.

This also means, that some students rather initially want to learn without notes, because they can learn more quick tby this way. Let us test, which way is the best for your child.

4. Special skills: I am also specialized on 5-year-old children

Other teachers reject this age as too young, I think: Mostly it is possible and it makes great pleasure to learn violin or piano already in kindergarden or preschool. For this I developed and wrote many own teaching books that are published worldwide, some also in english.

5. Favorite pieces as desired

I am always considering the wishes of my students, they can request favorite songs and learn to play many different musical styles such as classical, rock, pop, chart hits, Klezmer, international folklore, tango, musical, famous movie themes.

6. Your child can try the violin and piano for a few weeks or months

If your chilkd cannot decide, which instrument is better, it can try one or both as long as it needs.

7. For adults I am flexible with scheduling.

Whether you want to come weekly or at different times: We will find always best solution for your business and domestic circumstances.

8. Practice support with videos via Whatsapp

You are welcome to send videos from the practice of the day, which I will comment in the evening. If you like, your child is supervised in its practicing by me within the week. Questions can be clarified immediately, instead waiting to the next lesson and your child learns more quick and doesn't learn mistakes within the week.

9. Several own music-books

So that your child has fun with the music and learns it quickly, I have written and illustrated several of my own child-friendly technical books published worldwide, a 5-volume violin school as well as a play for beginners strings.


10. Additional offer: cooperation with Little Opera Concert Class

In addition to my lessons, on your request, my permission and a test high gifted childs will have the opportunity to be included in a cooperation with the little opera concert class at the music school Pinneberg. In the concert class I am teaching chamber music with the high gifted students.

Lessons: stage presence, interpretation, chamber music, children's opera, music history workshops, composition and study tours about famous composers. This cooperation promotes gifted students and they will have the perfect addition to my privatete instrumental lessons. And with this additional offer they will learn in a class among peers.


11. Ear training, music theory, composition and improvisation

Will be integrated from the beginning and deepened on request.




12. Additional offer: Violin lessons online and Piano lessons online

Live Violin Lessons by Skype or Facetime

Live Piano lessons by Skype or Facetime

In those situations learning violin online or learning piano online with video, talk and individual correctures are helpful:

♦ If too many handkerchiefs are needed.

♦ When a mother cannot come for example because a sibling is sick, car will not move or she is waiting for artisans.

♦ Weather or traffic conditions are too difficult for driving.

♦ When diligently enthusiastically childs or students are travelling, practicing in the hotel room and want to have more instruction and correctures.

♦ More preparation for competitions


Which equipment is necessary:

Good Internet connection, Ipad or Laptop with Facetime, Skype or Facebook Messenger.  Ipad or Laptop can be placed on a table beside the kid or an adult films the child while the online-lesson.  For piano lesson online you need an external camera.

IPad:  Most easy is violin lesson online or piano lesson online by Facetime/Skype: The IPad is directed at my face, body and violin/piano in the room.

Piano lesson by Facetime/Skype: A microphone stand with table holder. The IPad can be moved, so I can show my face in the camera and I can look better, what the student plays. Sometimes it is better, that the kid see my hands and wrist from the side. Otherwise it takes up the keyboard. Easy solution for your home: An angled notes stand with I pad on top oder simply put Ipad or Laptop beside the keyboard on a table.

Please ask me for more information, if you prefer special solution, how you can use the cell phone as a flexible camera, connect it to your Windows (IOS) PC and its large screen, which is 1-2 metres away.

Enjoy, let us try! One online- lesson is free!



13. Exam preparation

With over 30 years of teaching experience with the children, intermediate and violin students training to completion diploma at the Musikhochschule Hamburg I prepare young people also optimally for the High School and entrance exams to music colleges.

14. Own CD of your child

Those, who want to give their own music - CD in the family circle, have the opportunity to record CD in my classroom. Professional Logic mix on the computer for sound optimization and completion. In addition, production of a self-designed CD-photo imprinted with your text.










- Article in Hamburger Klönschnack "Musikkinder erobern die Bühne" about my piano- and violinstudents, who won prices at competitions (July2015) 

- Interview in Tide-TV with 2 little high gifted violin- and pianostudents of me, their mother and me about my lessons, practicing, motivation. 23.6.2016




Which questions do you have? Please contact me now!


Katharina Apostolidis

 Grad. Violon teacher (all levels) & High gifted class for violin piano teacher (basic and medium level)

Blankeneser Landstrasse 21 (opposite the Goßlerhaus)
22587 Hamburg Blankenese

Telefon 040-86645644

mail: kapostolidis@web.de






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