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Making music - The perfect start to everyday for children and adults


Katharina Apostolidis:

Grad. Violin teacher (all levels) & High gifted class for violin and piano

Piano teacher (basic and medium level)

Private music school in Blankenese without contract


Overview own concerts and pupils 2012-2014

Katharina Apostolidis was born in Lübeck, Germany, where she also studied violin at the Musikhochschule under Prof. P. Munteanu (Rumania) and piano (minor subject) and was awarded a diploma in music education. As a faculty member of the Hamburg Conservatory about 20 years she not only taught violin and viola at elementary and intermediate levels, but students at the college level were also under her tutelage. Her violin and piano pupils often wun 1. prices in competitions.



Highlights from piano-lessons, competitions, concerts and compositions 2014-2016






Lara (9) from the high gifted class in Laeiszhalle 



Philipp at competition "Pianos an der Elbe"

Mrs. Apostolidis is now a free-lance musician, violinteacher (all levels) and pianoteacher (from beginning up to medium level), whose broad musical spectrum extends from orchestra work with the Kiel Philharmonic and Hamburger Symphoniker (1984-1987) to rock, pop, international folklore, tango, film, musical and songs.. She has been creative in integrating video, keyboard, practicing-app in her music instructions. Furthermore MET (Meridian Energy Technic), REM (Rapid Eye Movement), Kinesiology and Wingwave for balancing stress-situations, stage-fright.

Mrs. Apostolidis authored two articles in the European String Teacher Association Journal:

Der Weg des Lernens in der Kunst (The progress of learning in the Arts) and Identität und Krise des musikalischen Erlebens (Identity and Crisis of the Musical Experience).

Music-medicine articles and lectures at congress about “The crook pelvis condition of violin students as the cause of pains, health problems and future illnesses”.

As a violinist, lyricist and cover designer, she has also collaborated on 19 compact disc recordings with her earlier husband, the guitarist and songwriter, Nicos Apostolidis.

Since 2012 she is also working as free-lance cultural editor in “Hamburger Klönschnack”.

Hamburg-guide from oct. 2010 

Please look to facebook: many fotos of my work, pupils, competitions, actual news with dates of concerts


Concerts: Duo Amuselle


Listen to my romantic violin with Duo Amuselle and Sascha Rotermund


Duo Piekfein: Songs/Musical - video of concert

More examples of music you find under Hörbeispiele.


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c. Andreas Krone




—       „Der Notenclown - Violinschlüssel (ECB 6042), „Der Notenclown -   Bassschlüssel“ (ECB 6046) „Tatiti - Der Rhythmusindianer“ (ECB 6057), international successful drawing and riddle-books for learning notes for children from 4-8 with own illustrations (licences in Norway, America, Spain, Japan) „Tatiti“ also as learning software

—       2009 „Das magische Notenbuch - Violinschlüssel (ECB 6093) for children from 8

—       2010 „Das magische Notenbuch - Bratschenschlüssel“ (ECB 6101)

—       2010 "Das magische Notenbuch - Bassschlüssel" (ECB 6102)

—       Reviews of violin-literature in  „Neue Musikzeitung“

—       Cooperation in developing the violinschool „Spiel Violine, Band 2“

—       2013/2014: Violinschool „Buntes Geigenwunderland“ book 1, 2 and 3, including playback CD (Bosworth publ.)

—       2015:" Buntes Liederwunderland", an addition to the violinschool with famous songs for ensemble of beginners: violin, cello, flute, piano

—       2015 "Buntes Weihnachtswunderland", an addition to the violinschool with famous Xmas-songs for ensemble of beginners: violin, cello, flute, piano

—       2015  "Dino Max sucht ein Orchester": Play for storyteller, violins beginners and violin-orchestra (publ. in "Üben und Musizieren, Schott, Ausgabe 6/15)

—       2016 "Tatiti der Rhythmusindianer" in new modern design and layout (ECB 6057)


Some of my books are available in english, spanish or japanese, please look here.





Please call me now or write a mail for your questions and a not binding sample lesson!


Katharina Apostolidis

Grad. Violon teacher (all levels) & High gifted class for violin
piano teacher (basic and medium level)
Hamburg Blankenese (opposite the Goßlerhaus)
Blankeneser Landstrasse 21
22587 Hamburg

Telefon 040-86645644




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Geigenunterricht Hamburg, Klavierunterricht Hamburg, Elbvororte: Blankenese, Hochkamp, Othmarschen, Nienstedten, Iserbrook, Sülldorf, Rissen, Wedel
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